eSignature solutions for credit unions

Wacom delivers sleek, modern hardware for capturing natural handwritten electronic signatures with our patented Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) technology. Wacom eSignature hardware integrates with most core processing systems, providing your members with a seamless signing experience.

Contact us to learn more about our existing integrations with Adobe Acrobat and credit union core processing systems like Symitar, FiServ and more!


Why Choose Wacom?


Sleek, modern design

With it's thin design and high resolution displays, Wacom pen displays and signature pads look great in your branch!


Lower total cost of ownership

Because our sensors are embedded behind the glass screen you can expect our devices to look like new even after hundreds of thousands of signatures.


Natural signing experience

Wacom's anti-glare etched glass screen provides just enough resistance to mimic the feel of signing with pen and paper.

Which eSignature device is right for you?

Available in monochrome and full color models, signature pads are a great low cost way to implement electronic signatures.  Requires an additional monitor or screen to show the document being signed.

Signature displays are a step up. Ranging from 10" to 11", these displays allow members to review and sign documents on the same screen. Available in both pen and touch models, these are a preferred alternative to iPads/tablets.

Large pen diplays, ranging from 16" to 22" are ideal for areas where large documents need to be filled out, annotated and signed. The large screen makes reading easy and allows you to show full documents without the need to scroll.



Capture each signer's unique signature profile


Global leader

Trusted leader serving more than 80 countries



State-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption and UID


Lower TCO

Each pad delivers a lower total cost of ownership


Wacom Displays Allow You To...

About eSignatures

eSignatures are a critical component of the branch of the future - embrace sleek design and unparalleled member satisfaction with Wacom's eSignature solutions and see what they can do for you!


Our Devices

Wacom offers a range of signature pads and interactive displays to meet the needs of credit unions like you.


  • MSRP $339
  • 5" full color screen
  • Citrix Ready Certified
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  • MSRP $449
  • 10.1" high resolution screen
  • USB power and video
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  • MSRP $649
  • 10.1" Full HD screen
  • Pen and touch display
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